Winner, 2014

To be a Dads Choice Award Winner, entries had to wow our judges and impress across the criteria.

Air Hogs

Roll anywhere! Obstacles and gravity are no barrier for the ground-to-air RC Air Hogs Rollercopter! With its exterior rolling cage, pilots can drive across the ground, roll up walls, fly through the air or even roll across the ceiling! The cage also acts as a durable shield, protecting your heli from walls or other obstacles and preventing unforeseen crashes. It‘s a ground and air RC Heli made for non-stop action!

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Boomer Dino

Meet ‘BOOMER’, Control him if you can! Boomer can chase, chomp, guard and even ROAR! Watch his eyes change colour with his mood. Balancing on two wheels using True Balance Technology™, he’s the ultimate pre-historic interactive pet. Use your hands to tame his Dino nature and build your friendship. Try and control him with the control pod, or even make him dance! But beware – you may lose control! Contents include 1 Zoomer™ Dino Boomer, 1 control pod, 1 mini USB cable and 1 instruction guide.

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Wowee MIP

Introducing MiP™! MiP™ is a robot with an inquisitive and responsive personality communicated through motion, sounds, and RGB LED eyes. With his unique dual-wheel balancing, MiP™ is able to navigate his surroundings, follow hand gestures, and even follow objects around. Unique dual-wheel balancing with fast speeds and rapid turning. Hand gesture command recognition. Comes with a tray accessory that can be plugged in. Watch MiP™ balance multiple objects while moving or standing still! Multiple robotic modes including Roam, Stacking, Dance, and Programming.App Features:Direct drive control over MiP™‘s movements.Path tracing.Customised dance routines from music library.Multiple stacking, balancing, and maze games.Compatible with BLE enabled devices.

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Meccano Multimodels 20 Set

Build, rebuild and create with Meccano Multimodels! The Meccano metal construction system unlocks endless possibilities as you use 2 real tools to build a variety of functioning vehicles. Start your engines with this 20 Model Set and its 3V electrical motor. Construct a real working Race Car and take it all a part and rebuild 19 other motorised models including a Side Car, Prop-Plane, Formula 1 Racer and more! Includes 270+ parts including working gears , 3V electrical motor, 2 real tools and instruction sheet. For ages 8 years and up.

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BoomCo Rapid Madness

BOOMco introduces the amazing Rapid Madness, the ULTIMATE blaster on every kid's wish list! Not only is it air-powered (no batteries required), but it features two awesome ways to blast; single-shot for accuracy or 20 darts in seconds, firing up to a staggering 50 feet! The BOOMco range boasts Smart Stick technology so you can see where you nailed it as the tip of every plastic dart will stick like crazy to the Smart Stick shields and sticky targets only! The push-button removable transforming shields also protect you from, and captures your opponents' darts to use yourself and fire back!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Get set to conquer the world and its sewers with the classic board game Kimble, complete with four sets of four 3D game pieces and a stunning new design. Using a Pop-O-Matic die, sneak your pieces around the game board and into the finish area. Beware of other players waiting to pounce though! The first player with all four pawns safe wins the game.

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Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race

ENJOY GRAVITY DEFYING ACTION WITH THE HOT WHEELS SUPER LOOP CHASE RACE Get ready for the fastest chase on a huge loop! Our new boosted Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race track set launches your cars at top speed for gravity defying action! See your wheels brave it and try to make it up and around a spectacular 3-foot tall loop. Send multiple cars racing at once for a thrilling high-speed chase! Who will take the hair-raising shortcut competing for the lead? Will the shortcut cause a mid-air crash and send your car flying off of the set? This floor based boosted set is a must have for racing fans who love huge crashes and big wins. Connect more sets to keep the race going!

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Construction Train Set

This 116-piece construction rail set allows youngsters to combine a passion for both construction toys and railways. The construction site is bustling with activity as the cargo trains puff their way up and down to the high rise building site, lorries transport materials, diggers work to clear the site and mobile cranes deliver the construction pieces. Meanwhile the foreman and his colleagues make sure the project goes smoothly and will be completed on time. The Bigjigs Rail range is one of the most extensive wooden railway systems available and can be combined with most other wooden rail systems on the market.

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Vtriker Elite Scooter

The Vtriker Elite is the newest and most exciting new toy from Vtriker. Better than the original Vtriker and Vtriker Mini, it’s possible to do lots more on the Vtriker Elite, including the AWESOME new Slalom move! It comes in FOUR different colours – Black, Pink, Blue and Green! …So whatever your taste, there’s a Vtriker Elite for you! With the unique design of the Vtriker, you have far more than just another scooter. And it’s not just another V Shape scooter that moves from side to side – the Vtriker’s unique design lets the user simply push their feet together and apart. Your feet stay on the platforms and away the Vtriker goes! How COOL is the Vtriker Elite? It’s mega cool – and that’s hard to beat! Unlike normal scooters, you don’t need your feet on the ground to push. Why sit inside on a games console all day, when you can be out impressing your mates and joining the Vtriker Elite?!

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Rubix The Void

A new kind of challenge from Rubik's, with a cool new style and a hole in the middle, It’s no more difficult to solve than the original 3×3 cube, but with holes where the centre piece used to be, how is this even possible?! The Void adds a new dimension to the toy that has puzzled many people for years! Twist and turn the cube until you complete the coloured circle encapsulating the void. Without the core the puzzle intensifies. Take on the Void and see if you come out victorious!

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Domino Express Crazy Factory

Create the wildest, wackiest stunts with this Domino Express Crazy Factory. Combine the included contraptions with everyday household objects such as chairs and tables to add an extra dimension to your Domino Express play. Raise the wacky winch from the floor to a table top, continue onto the slalom ball ramp, or tip the flip bucket from a chair onto the madcap ball churning machine.

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Zip IT

The high-speed two-player word race you can play anyplace! Compact enough to enjoy on an airplane tray-table, ZIP-IT is the super-fast game for super-small spaces… Simply throw your cubes and use the letters to make a word grid as fast as you can. But hurry! Your opponent is racing to do the same… It's the best out of ten and each round lasts just a few seconds, so you have to stay sharp. ZIP-IT comes in a unique scorekeeping travel pouch that lets you track who's winning! ZIP-IT… Be the first to zip to 10 — then race all over again!

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Haynes V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Kit

With the new Haynes V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Kit you can build a fully working motorcycle engine and find out how they generate all that amazing power.The latest engine in the best-selling and award-winning series of authentic Haynes build your own engines, the Haynes V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Kit reproduces the noise of a V-Twin motorcycle engine and comes with 150 parts, electric motor, illuminated spark plugs and a Haynes style manual. The Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Engine is the newest addition to the Haynes Build Your Own Engines range, which has been a phenomenal success in UK and across Europe

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Makies Doll

Makies are one-of-a-kind dolls you can create, and purchase as gifts, at or selected UK retailers. Made of tough nylon plastic and designed to be enhanceable, fixable and loved for a lifetime, Makie dolls are 10″ tall and toy safe for children aged 3 and up. Highly customisable and upgradeable: a truly creative plaything The world’s first 3D printed toy Gender neutral, make boy or girl dolls (no pink overdose!) Fully jointed, with healthy body shapes Produced in London

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Tobar Edible Sweet Art Popsicles

Sugar dough popsicle making kit with closing mould and lollipop sticks. Flour the mould and then line the inside with Sweet Art sugar dough, layering them to create patterns and fun designs. Place a lollipop stick inside, then close the mould to form a pair of popsicles. Remove them from the mould and then prop them up in the cardboard sweetshop to display before eating them. The set includes four blocks of coloured sweet dough in yellow, pink, white and brown, allowing for a huge number of different colourful combinations. The edible nature of this product will appeal to a broad audience and can be merchandised in a variety of different ranges.

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Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures is the first Ever Childrenwhere studentss App to Use Cutting Edge Technology Allowing Children to Fly Tom and Twigs in their own Surroundings. The app uses ground-breaking SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) augmented reality technology, that allows users to fly Tom in real world. Simply by holding a smartphone or tablet above a magazine or book, you can launch Tom and his sidekick Twigs into the real world for highly interactive game play and magical augmented reality fun. The app allows children to make their favourite characters take to the skies, leafboard across the room, land on objects, talk and do Movement Magic all in their own environment.

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Reading Eggs

Full of educationally sound, fun and interactive activities, Reading Eggs focuses on the most fundamental skill needed in school: reading. Children from 3 to 7 years of age, or older children struggling with reading, will enjoy the huge variety of reading lessons, activities and games that make up the Reading Eggs programme. Reading Eggspress continues the reading adventure by taking children to a brand new world designed for 7–13 year olds, focusing on comprehension and grammar. Reading Eggspress provides a unique learning environment where studentswhere students can improve their English language and comprehension skills in a way that is exciting and relevant.

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