Commended, 2018

To be a Commended Winner, entries had to be considered a toy they would buy themselves or for friends and family.

Games to Get Ltd Sussed Vices & Virtues

Sussed is about sparking imaginations, stirring emotions and getting everyone thinking. In this pack of Vices & Virtues, you’ll be sharing your personal values by swapping views on: what is most likely to make you irritable; how would you rate yourself as a joke-teller; as a super-villain what would you use to achieve world domination - and much, much more. To play, you pick a card, read aloud a scenario, then secretly decide which option is right for you. Ask others what they think, before telling them your answer. Whoever susses you out scores! Enjoyed by children and adults alike, Sussed Vices & Virtues is small enough to be taken anywhere, simple enough to fill a few minutes and exciting enough to entertain 2 - 10 players for several hours. It can be used for family bonding, strengthening friendships and boosting self-awareness and empathy. Studies show that face-to-face conversation releases natural chemicals in the brain that can increase happiness, improve the immune system, boost mental health and overcome shyness. The best bit of all: no matter how well you think you know someone, you’ve never got them totally sussed!
Age 13-100+

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Tactic Games Great Tour

The great European cities are calling for tourists and in The Great Tour, players take on the role of tour organisers, challenged with taking them there. Players must travel around Europe in an attempt to visit the most places and attend the most events in order to collect points. Players can rediscover freedom as they travel through beautiful European countries, ready to go wherever the next event takes them. Flip over destination cards and aim to reach these iconic cities as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding the jams created by other players. The player with the most points at the end of the game takes home victory in this fun-filled race to success! With impressive illustration and high quality wooden playing pieces, The Great Tour is a brilliant family game that is sure to have players reaching for their passports.
Age 8+

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Ravensburger Porsche 911 R 3D Puzzle Puzzles

Anyone who has a soft spot for the sought-after Porsche 911 R will be unable to resist this élite model. The legendary 911 was built for racing in 2016 and production was exclusively limited; with Ravensburger 3D Puzzle dreams of owning this engine have come to life with this authentic design. On a scale of 1:18, the Porsche 911 3D Puzzle is the perfect miniature, with elegant lines and a classically white design appealing to any racing enthusiast. The 108 sturdy plastic puzzle pieces are individually shaped, partly bendable and fit perfectly together with Easyclick technology – no need for glue! An automotive experience that makes the pulse of motoring fanatics beat faster, the rotating wheels on this 3D Puzzle add the final touch. With the help of the illustrated instructions, this sleek structure will be suitable for beginners or advanced puzzlers from the ages of 10 and up and will guarantee a sense of achievement and hours of puzzling fun.
Age 10+

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Accentuate FReNeTIC

FReNeTiC™ is fast and furious new word game with a scientific twist - it uses element symbols of the Periodic Table! Players race against the clock to form as many words as possible using the Element symbol tiles, and score points equivalent to the atomic numbers of each tile used to create the word. For example Ba Na Na = Banana = 78 points. The first player to 1000 points wins! Amazingly there are more than 10,000 words that can be created using combinations of the carefully selected element symbols of the Periodic Table! The highest scoring element symbol is 'Og' (Oganesson) with an atomic number score of 118 - it is also one of the 10 red element symbols on the board which allows players to achieve a double word score if they can use it within a word, for Example : Pr Og Re S S = Progress = 225 x 2 = 450 points ! With everyone playing simultaneously, the game combines skill, strategy and an element of luck at a frenzied pace. The novel scoring system adds a fun twist to the game - can players beat the highest scoring word at present - W I N Db U Rn = 417 x 2 = 834 or better the lowest score of just 9 points - He N = Hen. FReNeTiC™ is suitable for two or more players
Age 8+

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