Commended, 2014

To be a Commended Winner, entries had to be considered a toy they would buy themselves or for friends and family.

Tonka Town Air Rescue Play Set

Keep Tonka Town safe on land or in the air with the Air Rescue Station! Recreate the excitement of a real air rescue – as the helicopter hovers above the helipad, hear the propeller noise get louder and louder and the walkie talkie sounds as the rescue helicopter is cleared for landing. With siren lights and fun sound effects, the Tonka Town Air Rescue Station is packed full of play accessories including a stretcher with foldable legs, work station, extending garage with opening doors, rotating wind sock, control tower and 2 Tonka Town Air Rescue characters — Jack and Lucy.

Buy from Asda, Amazon, Littlewoods/Very — SRP 29.99
Extreme Beast

Hard-wearing remote control car with spring suspension and hobby-grade TPE tyres that provide extra grip and enhanced off-road performance. The Extreme Beast operates on the 2.4GHz frequency, meaning it benefits from a range of features including reduced signal interference, a 70 metre control range and the ability to drive alongside up to 16 other RC cars simultaneously. Not only this, but users can gradually increase and decrease the acceleration of the car via proportional speed control on the pistol-grip controller. With a rapid charge time of only one hour, this RC car proves to be a popular choice amongst enthusiasts and those trying remote control vehicles for the first time.

Buy from Amazon — SRP 20
Liar Liar

Liar Liar is the wickedly twisted trivia game which lets you outwit even the smartest opponents. Fib, falsify and fabricate your way to victory by teasing your fellow players with truth and lies as you travel around the board to victory. Will they challenge your tall tales, or take your ‘facts' at face value? An ideal family game where who lies wins!

Buy from WHSmith, Waterstones and John Lewis — SRP 20

Build words, match patterns, have fun… And learn! PAIRSinPEARS contains a range of games that adapts as your family grows up. It's packed with eight engaging, educational activities for children of varying ages, PLUS two competitive word games for advanced players. For pre-readers, PAIRSinPEARS helps developmental learning with the games ‘Pattern Grouping' and ‘Letter Hunt'. Early-readers enjoy the wordplay activities ‘Rhyming' and ‘Fill in the Blank'… And it gets even juicier for older children with two fast, furious games in which each player races to build pairs of words in grids. PAIRSinPEARS comes with ten games in total, and boasts something for everyone.

Buy from John Lewis, Amazon and — SRP 15.99
Twelve A Dozen

Aimed at 11-14yr olds, Twelve A Dozen is a 2D puzzle platform game for the iPad set in a delightful universe that draws players into an engaging environment where they can learn the fun and power of mathematics. Twelve A Dozen's heroine is the number Twelve, who led a tranquil existence in Dozenoplis until one day a cataclysmic event befalls the city, leading to the disappearance of her family. The plucky Twelve then sets off to locate and rescue her loved ones by solving mathematical based puzzles that compliment what pupils will be learning during Key Stages 2 & 3.

Buy from iTunes Store — SRP 2.99
Smiler Space Hopper

Bright yellow space hopper with the much-loved Smiler face design on the front. This outdoor toy inflates to a maximum of 60cm in diameter (pump included) and has two handles on top for the rider to grab. It is designed to be bounced along the ground whilst ridden by adults and older children. The redesign of the popular classic is sure to catch the attention of customers who are looking for a little bit of retro fun.

Buy from Amazon — SRP 10

This is a spade that is built to last. Designed for digging deep —snow, mud or sand — Scoppi is great for kids and adults alike and, like all Quut toys is designed to be multipurpose. No more snapped shovels or broken handles: kids can use their hands and feet to move sand around the beach all holiday long. To double the fun, Quut has added a built-in sieve that clips in and out of the shovel, great for finding shells and stones. Use two to create some stilts or use one as a beach cricket bat — the opportunities are endless.

Buy from and Cheeky Rascals — SRP 16.99